New NSFW artwork posted here:
URGH. White night. Didn’t sleep. Quick sketch. Melting on my seat. Looking a stream.

Hoy mates. I’m streaming for the next 2-3 h I believe. I slept only one hour today, but I have a patreon request, so gonna try to put out a sketch.Microphone: ON. Chilling Jazzy/independant music: ON . So grab a coffee guy and come share. On the menu: Djandora.

After effects. I’m still working on this video! I’m not even close to the end! Argh! Been 4 days now… .
I made a SFW version of Alice for Ethan so it’s can be “presentable” for the “sensible” mind. Click here for the comic You’ll find the real version here:
Foxfate for Lionalliance. Doodle request.
Late Birthday gift for SSo-Robo
Miss Lucy in a strike attack.
The comic:
Back from that trip. Traditionnal on A5 paper. I just had the time to drawn these in a plane, with really small place for my hands. I hate that.