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Here we go, Djandora on Facebook is up. Yeah I know it’s super mainstream but giving a lot of visibility to the comic is requiere ;) . You can join now and share :] Let’s hope it will work over the time
djandora:, thanks to some patreons supporters that I can work more on the comic and it’s with their support that you can now read this page ^ ^. If you want to join them, don’t hesitate :]

Result of the 3h streaming.  This scene probably will follow in Djandora in the saison 2 after the temple. Djeneba will start her travel around the world. She will cross the savanna, meet civilizations, tribes, peoples and tons of Guardians infrastructure. What’s kind of secrets this region hide. The comic: The patreon:
Should I do that?


I don’t know if I should setup Djandora on facebook too… . Should I?

I mean I’m no longer on this shitty Deviant Art and the comic need more visibility, anyone got some though about it? Maybe other place or a way to promote it?

Work In Progress: overcraft tank. So schmup.

Djeneba in one drawn without any spoilers I would say. I’m gonna put this into a tshirt for sure. The comic on pause, but will start soon enough Petite symphony is rebooted:
Just the sound of the wind…
J’ai entendu dire que l’Allemagne c’était bien au printemps. Comme une carte postale.
For CoffeeChicken


URGH!!! Damn you Chicken. Just damn you. I’ll get my revenge. Soon. Very soon. Zahara look great. As that sun forming between her breasts actually (°°)